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Thermodiffusion galvanizing


Thermodiffusion galvanizing

Thermodiffusion galvanizing

The process of thermal diffusion galvanizing (sterilization) is based on the diffusion of zinc on the surface of steel objects. The reaction takes place in a rotating electric furnace into which a special powder mixture rich in zinc is poured at a temperature of 360° C to 432° C.

The result is an outer protective layer (zinc-iron) on the surface of the steel elements, which provides exceptional corrosion protection without changing the original dimensions of the objects. The thermal diffusion method is also characterized by unparalleled abrasion resistance due to the lack of an embedded and therefore peelable layer. Due to the lower temperatures, the internal steel structure does not change and therefore this method is also suitable, for example, for the protection of springs and similar heat-treated components. The zinc process is carried out in closed chambers, in which zinc is diffused in the steel structure.

For this reason, the size of the chambers limits the maximum dimensions of the parts to be coated with thermo-diffusion zinc. We are able to offer our customers thermo-diffusion galvanizing parts with a maximum length of 30 cm. A special type of parts are rods, which can be galvanized to a length of 1 meter and a diameter of 10 mm. The structure of the surface layer resulting from thermodiffusion of zinc consists of various intergranular zinc and iron compounds.

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